Provided by our main sponsor - Karimjee Jivanjee Foundation

Region:             Coast  

School:             Kibaha Girls Secondary School

Students:          Halima Saidi Muhunzi And Gloria Benatus Tibaijuka

Title:                 The Future Of Ruvu Water Pump Station.



Provided by our main sponsor - Karimjee Jivanjee Foundation

Region:             Mwanza

School:             Loreto Girls Secondary School

Students:          Doreen Faustine Malecha And Veronica Deus Simeo

Title:                 To Investigate The Effects Of Music On Maths Quiz Solving



YST pays its respects to the late Hatim Karimjee with this Memorial Award.

Region:             Arusha

School:             Arusha Science School

Students:          Brian Phillip Chami And Macrine Priscus Chuwa

Title:                 A Simple Crop Moisture Sensor Device For Local Farmers.




Technology & Computer Sciences

Championed by our Category Sponsor - Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (Costech)

1st Place

Region:             Dar Es Salaam

School:             Feza International School

Students:          Paul Cosmas Luziga And Kheri Omar Sheha

Title:                Power Conservation By Using Smart House Messaging System


2nd Place

Region:             Morogoro

School:             Mzumbe Secondary School

Students:          Ephraim Pallangyo And Elvis Dahaye

Title:                 Census Computing System


3rd Place

Region:             Shinyanga

School:             Uhuru Secondary

Students:          Abednego Albert Sasi And Rosemary Modest Shayo

Title:                 Peanut Peeler Machine


Physical, Chemical & Mathematical Sciences

Championed by our Category Sponsor - Institute of Physics (IOP)

1st Place

Region:             Shinyanga

School:             Ngogwa Secondary School

Students:          Emmanuel Mashala Kamundi And Magoti Daud Shema

Title:                Investigation Of Toxicity Contents In Leaves Of Gashi Plants


2nd Place

Region:              Arusha

School:              St Jude's Girls Secondary School

Students:           Mwasiti Hassan Mohamed And Beatrice Singano

Title:                  Impressive Mathematics


3rd Place

Region:             Lindi

School:             Mtama Secondary School

Students:          Mahadi Hamisi Lunda And Husein Haji Juma

Title:                 Pressure-Based Pump For Irrigation


Biological Sciences

Championed by our Category Sponsor - Shell Exploration & Production Tanzania Ltd (Shell Tanzania)

1st Place

Region:              Unguja

School:              Turkish Maarif Schools - Zanzibar

Students:           Aisha Sameer Othman And Munawwar Abdulrahman Mahmoud

Title:                  Comparison Of Growth Of Hydroponic Plants And Soil Irrigated Plants Using Fish Liquid Fertilizers And Solid Liquid Fertilizers


2nd Place

Region:             Morogoro

School:             Kibaoni Secondary School

Students:          Jeniva Amosi Mgaya And Angela John Mkakilwa

Title:                 Mitanda Is The Best Way To Preserve Meat For A Long Time


3rd Place

Region:             Katavi

School:              Kasokola Secondary School

Students:          Gedio Fabiano Yohana And Alphonse Laurent Kahuya

Title:                 Investigation And Analysis Of Mnyaa Extract To Control Caterpillar In A Farm


Social Sciences

Championed by our Category Sponsor - Exim Bank Tanzania Ltd

1st Place

Region:             Arusha

School:              Kisimiri Secondary School

Students:          Gladness William Kindeketa And Esther Charles Kiama

Title:                Globalization A Beauty Or A Beast In The Maasai Society


2nd Place

Region:              Njombe

School:              Mabatini Secondary School

Students:           Joel Onesmo Mahenge And Faraja Huruma Nyanguye

Title:                 Assessment On The Availability Of Sports Infrastructures In Secondary Schools In Njombe


3rd Place

Region:             Mbeya

School:             Pandahill Secondary School

Students:          Frank Francis Mhina  And Godfrey Ludwick Kayombo

Title:                 Extent Of Business Technique Awareness Among Students And Small Scale Firms In Bonde La Songwe, Mbeya Region.


Agriculture Sciences

Championed by our Category Sponsor - Speedy Print Ltd

1st Place

Region:             Rukwa

School:             Matai Secondary School

Students:          Gaspar Thomas Mwafongo And Anna John

Title:                 Analysis And Investigation Of Ilobhoka As A  Solution To Low Milk Production In Ruminants A Case Study Conducted At Matai Secondary School


2nd Place

Region:             Pemba

School:             Dkt. Amani A. Karume Secondary School

Students:          Amina Khatib Dawa And Said Kombo Hamad

Title:                 Effects Of Soil On Seaweed Crops


3rd Place

Region:             Manyara

School:             Bagara Secondary School

Students:          Malikiel Elidi Sabaya And Brighton Gerald Luzunya

Title:                 The Use Of Maombo Leaves Extract Being A Solution  To A New Castle Disease In Chicken?


Climate Change & Environmental Sciences

Championed by our Category Sponsor - Concern Worldwide

1st Place

Region:             Mtwara

School:             Sabasaba Secondary School

Students:          Mzee Yusuph Mzee And Lightnes Inocent Shomari

Title:                 A Clay Soil  Helps My Mother In The Kitchen And Conserves The Environment


2nd Place

Region:             Iringa

School:             Sun Secondary

Students:          Elida Jobaby Byampanju And Brightman Micah Kitime

Title:                 The Effect On Biodiversity  Life Due To Human Activities  Along River Ruaha


3rd Place

Region:             Tanga

School:             Mikanjuni Sec School

Students:          Lailat Yunus Mkireri And Bakari Hussein Bakari

Title:                 Ways Indigenous Knowledge Applied In Weather Forecasting In Tanga Native



Region:             Simiyu

School:              Mkula Secondary School

Students:          Frank A Hamis And Rehema A. Nzega




First Car Rental Award

Region:             Ruvuma

School:             Mbinga Girls Secondary School

Students:          Uwezo Adelick Komba And Getruda Feli Sanga

Title:                 Analysis Of Gender Violence Between Female And Male In Marriage In Tanzania, Case Study In Mbinga


The Realising Education for Development Award 

Region:             Dar Es Salaam

School:             Kondo Secondary School

Students:          Debora Fidelis Chilumba And Brian Maiko Masenga

Title:                 The Effects Of Temperature Increase In Classrooms On Student's Learning.


Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences Award

Region:             Singida

School:             St. Carolus Secondary School

Students:          Ramadhani Ally Mimbi And Joselina Sipu Baynit

Title:                 Are The Maasai Herbal Medicine For Curing U.T.I Dispenced In A Right Way


National Institute for Medical Research Award

Region:             Coast

School:             Zogowale Secondary School

Students:          Neema Tiga Mwambagi And Neema Samwel Stephano

Title:                 The Problem Of Matende And Mabusha To Men In the Pwani Region.


University of Dar es Salaam Award

Region:             Dar Es Salaam

School:             St. Joseph's Cathedral High School

Students:          Alban Dominick Msangi And Franklin Festo Francis

Title:                 Designing Of Solar Tracker Device


The YST Regional Award 

Region:             Lindi

School:             Songosongo Secondary School

Students:          Tamimu Maulid Juma And Rehema Ahmadi Mikidadi

Title:                 The  Investigation Of Stunting Growth Of Chickens At Songosongo Village


The YST Teacher Award 

Region:             Arusha

School:             Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School

Teacher:           Zephania M Kaika