Region:     Singida

School:     Dr Salmin Amour Secondary School            

Students:  Fadhili Athumani Shabani and  Shufaa Saidi Omari             

Title:          The Effect of Flood Water From Kindai Lake.               



Region:    Tabora

School:     Tabora Boys Secondary School                

Students:  Davis Valentine Marandu and Bonaventure Barnabas Msolini  

Title:          A Better Bridge Design For Flow Of Both On Road And Marine Traffic                



Region:    Arusha

School:     Ilboru Secondary School              

Students:  Lupyana Zebedayo Ngota and  Adin Shadrack Masalu  

Title:         Auto-Waste Gases Consumer : For Automobiles,Domestic,Public Places And Industries For Clean Air And Safety.


Region:     Morogoro

School:     Lupanga Practicing Secondary School            

Students:  Emmanuel Mathias Mahande and  Erick Mathias Mahande

Title:         Stove That Uses Water As A Source Of Fuel.



Technology & Computer Sciences

1st Place

Region:     Morogoro

School:     Mzumbe Secondary School                  

Students:  Sylvester Sebastian Mulungu and  Innocent Robert Mamsery                 

Title:          The Academic Progress Analysis System                  


2nd Place

Region:     Arusha

School:      Arusha Science School             

Students:  Abdulrahim Yassin Malya and  Adrina Apolinary Mselle                 

Title:          Domestic Grey Water Treatment To Extend Water Supplies For Irrigation In Tanzanian Schools               


3rd Place

Region:     Arusha

School:     Ilboru Secondary School            

Students:    Lupyana Zebedayo Ngota and  Adin Shadrack Masalu               

Title:           Auto-Waste Gases Consumer : For Automobiles,Domestic,Public Places And Industries For Clean Air And Safety.                                            


Physical , Chemical & Mathematical Sciences

1st Place

Region:      Shinyanga

School:      Chamaguha Secondary School           

Students:    Geshta Selemani Mussa and  Mariam Abbas Mohamed            

Title:            The Use Of Ashes To Prevent House Cracking                


2nd Place

Region:     Morogoro

School:      Mzumbe Secondary School

Students:   Abel Michael Lungu and  Prosper Victor Kabuje                 

Title:           Water Hyacinth Is No More A Curse But An Asset In Lake Victoria Zone                      


3rd Place

Region:     Morogoro

School:     Lupanga Practicing Secondary School              

Students:   Emmanuel Mathias Mahande and  Erick Mathias Mahande          

Title:         Stove That Uses Water As A Source Of Fuel


Biological Sciences

1st Place

Region:     Kigoma

School:      Kitongoni Secondary School           

Students:   Bahati Jumatatu Ramadhani and  Abdallah Said Abdallah              

Title:           To Investigate If'' Shubiri Seeds''as Local Herb May Control Heartburn                  


2nd Place

Region:    Dodoma   

School:    Chikole Secondary School                 

Students:  David Makubi Sospeter and  Florentina Masune                

Title:        Use Of Azadirachta Indica (Mwarobaini)To Control A Destructive Catapillar in Maize 


3rd Place

Region:      Rukwa

School:       Matai Secondary School

Students:    Ayubu Nikas Nambasita and  Lusekelo P Kibona              

Title:            Analysis And Investigation Of Utupa As A Natural Pesticide Conducted At Matai Secondary School                



Social Sciences

1st Place

Region:      Tanga

School:       Old Tanga Secondary School                

Students:    Sahil Abdulalim Ismail and  Christian Deogratias Bonasise                

Title:           Meditation- A Key To Enhanced Performance At Schools              


2nd Place

Region:      Unguja

School:       Lumumba Secondary School               

Students:    Mathna Khamis Abdul-Rahman and  Hajra Mohammed Juma          

Title:            Which Is Better For Letter Memory. Writing The Notes By Hand Or Typing Using A Computer?                


3rd Place

Region:      Ruvuma

School:        Mbinga Girls Secondary School                 

Students:     Avitha Nicholaus Ndunguru and  Mary Denis Kapinga                  

Title:           Analysis For Pregnancy Cases For Girls In Boarding And Day Schools              



Climate Change & Enviromental Sciences

1st Place

Region: Arusha

School: Arusha Science School              

Students:  Abdulnasser Arnold Nkya and  Emmanuel Joseph Kamishina                 

Title:   A Digital Water Level Indicating System As A Means Of Water Management             


2nd Place

Region: Morogoro

School:  Mzumbe Secondary School                 

Students:  Shekhan Mohamed Mwagala and  Nadhiru Jumbe Alawi               

Title:    Carrier Bags From Mango-Sheets                


3rd Place

Region: Mwanza

School:    Nganza Girls Secondary School             

Students:  Nabila Furaha Nassoro and  Janeth John Mwacha                

Title:   Assessment And Analysis Of The Praying Mantises As The Best Biocontrol In Crop Farms And Gardens For Sustainable Farming.


Agriculture Sciences

1st Place

Region: Mwanza

School:    Nganza Girls Secondary School              

Students:  Rachel Jeremiah Akyoo and  Esther Emrold Massawe              

Title:   An Exploration And Analysis Of Commelina Biocide Suitable For Pest And Insect Control         


2nd Place

Region: Morogoro

School: Mzumbe Secondary School                  

Students:    John Anthony Ndema and  Zablon Samwel Mtatiro                

Title:    Effects Of Industrial Fertilizers And Solution Offered By Ash             


3rd Place

Region: Mtwara

School:  Sabasaba Day Secondary School                

Students:  Mzee Yusuphu and  Lightnes Shomari       

Title:  Wood Ash Can Be A Solution For Farmers







National Institute for Medical Research Award

Region: Pemba

School:  Shamiani Secondary School               

Students:    Nuwairat Yussuf Salim and  Khalef Mohd Nassor             

Title:   Impact Of Seaweed Farming On Costal Forest Of Pemba  


Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences Award

Region:  Simiyu

School: Ndoleleji Secondary School              

Students:  Iddy Joseph Luchagula and  Sara Kija                

Title:     Clarified Butter As Remedy To Chicken Small Pox And Flea


University of Dar es Salaam Award

Region:    Shinyanga

School:     Nyihogo Secondary School               

Students:  Nyanjige Issack Ezekiel and  Christina Peter Nogisha                  

Title:        Get Sleep, Build New Tanzania 


First Car Rental Award

Region:     Kilimanjaro 

School:     Maua Seminary School               

Students:  Regan Marious Laswai and  Frank Honorath Mboya                

Title:        Clothes Recycling Training In Boarding Schools  


The Realising Education for Development Award

Region:    Mtwara

School:    Mtwara Technical Secondary School              

Students:  Warda Mbaraka Mwanza and  Bahiya Mubhihiri Mewile                 

Title:         The Effect Of Negative Social Cultural Practice To The Student's Academic Excellence In Mtwara Region  


The YST Teacher Award

Region:  Shinyanga

School:   Mwasele Secondary School                 

Teacher:  James Mduma            


The Regional Award

Region:     Shinyanga

School:     Ngokolo Secondary School               

Students:  Chausiku Mrisho Juma and  Patricia Migabo Steven                 

Title:         Blood As A Super Meal To Chicken Compared To Other Chicken Meal  



YST Hatim Karimjee Perpetual Trophy

Region:     Tabora

School:     Tabora Boys' Secondary School               

Students:  Saidi Alex Manyerere and  Alexander Firmin Tillya                   

Title:         Intelligent Academic Assistant 



Special Education Scholarships

Region:      Rukwa

School:      Milundikwa Secondary School          

Students:    Victoria Deudatous Mnembezi and  Agness Kasangu Kasonso