Region:    Mwanza              

School:     Nganza Girls Secondary School            

Students:     Glory Kiroche Joseph and Martha Samwel Machumu          

Title:      Investigation And Analysis Of Hydroponic Fodder As The Best Solution For Animal Feeding And Health.                



Region: Arusha                

School:  Kisimiri Secondary School                

Students:  Albert Abel Mhagama and Sarah Sweetbertus Kasala             

Title:   Preservation Of Fruits And Vegetables Using  Lemongrass Oil                    



Technology & Computer Sciences

1st Place

Region:  Unguja                

School: Benbella Secondary School                  

Students:   Fatma Hassan Saleh and Najma Khamis Malik                

Title:       Design And Implementation Of A Smart Voting System For The General Election 2020              


2nd Place

Region: Coast                 

School:  Kibaha Secondary School                 

Students:      Innocent Jisena Revocatus and Morice James Kurusanga             

Title:    The Automatic Eyed Conductor In Mwendokasi As The Only Solution To Congestion                   


3rd Place

Region:  Mwanza                

School:    Bwiru Boys Technical Secondary School               

Students:  Beastus Banelt Majubu and Darwin Stephano Twalale                  

Title:   A Simple Refrigerator To Sustain Life Of Poor People                                                


Physical , Chemical & Mathematical Sciences

1st Place

Region: Unguja                 

School:  Lumumba Secondary School                 

Students:    Abdul-majid Salum Moh'd and Mathna Khamis Abdul-rahman              

Title:     The Use Of Cultural Mathematics Strategies Towards Quality Education                  


2nd Place

Region:   Dodoma               

School:   St. Peter Claver High School                

Students:   Elian Deogratius Rutazaa and Salma Said Chammah               

Title: Is The Chemical Analysis Of Banana Peels And How They Can Boost Plant Growth                           


3rd Place

Region: Unguja                 

School:   Kiembe Samaki A Secondary School                

Students:   Moza Rashid Said and Nassbah Mohamed Khalfan                

Title:  Why Mathematical Anxiety?                     


Biological Sciences

1st Place

Region: Mbeya                  

School:    Pandahill Secondary School               

Students:  Elvira Godfrey Kalulu and Maria Anthonia Richard Kapinye                 

Title:    Analysis Of The Damaging Effects Of Carrying Heavy Bags On The Spine.                   


2nd Place

Region:    Arusha              

School:  Kisimiri Secondary School                  

Students: Gracejacqueline Helmas Karatta and Regina Patrick Sawa                  

Title:   A Study of The Dangers of Uncontrolled  Self Presciption of Medicines In Society                    


3rd Place

Region: Arusha                 

School:  Ilboru High School                 

Students: Charles Barnabas Bugeshi and Mujuni Boniphace Mutasingwa                  

Title: Processing Biodegradable Wastes For Ethanol Production And Minimizing Cholera Risks In Tanzania                       



Social Sciences

1st Place

Region:  Iringa                

School:  Mawelewele Secondary School                 

Students:   Marry Satiel Mshana and Herman Aidan Ngogo                 

Title: To Assess Impacts  Of Free Education To Quality Education In Iringa Municipality                      


2nd Place

Region:  Arusha                

School: Kisimiri Secondary School                  

Students: Gloria Martin Mwakalembusya and Calister Michael Sanga                  

Title:   Gender Equality - The Cries Of The Beautiful Birds At Ngarenanyuki                    


3rd Place

Region:  Dodoma                

School: Kikuyu Secondary School                   

Students:  Gloria Ibrahim Mbonde  and Zawadi  Mohamed Mkai                   

Title:   Viability Of Using Games In Teaching And Learning –Hunt Game                      



Climate Change & Enviromental Sciences

1st Place

Region: Unguja                 

School: Benbella Secondary School                  

Students:  Zainab Omar Hussein and Swabra Zahor Vuai                  

Title: A Quantitative Study Of Water Quality At Benbella Secondary School Assembly Ground And The Effect Of Rising Sea Level                      


2nd Place

Region: Dodoma                 

School:  Msalato Girls Secondary School                 

Students: Faith Zictor Madulu and Irene Deudatus Mbeleka                  

Title:  Mother Nature’s Treasure: The Potential Sustainable Use Of Baobab                     


3rd Place

Region: Coast                  

School: Marian Boys High School                  

Students:  Ivan John Nyaindi and Michael Gido Jengela                  

Title:  Development Of A Smart Beehive To Promote Beekeeping And Food Security 


Agriculture Sciences

1st Place


School: Kibiti Boys High School                  

Students: Spencer Salvatory Minja and Masalu Ernest Masalu                   

Title: Is Hydroponics Organic?                      


2nd Place

Region: Mtwara                 

School: Mitengo Secondaryschool                  

Students:Rehema Herman Chonde and Abdurazaki Yusuphu Saidi                   

Title:  The Study Of Chikambakamba In Water Treatment For Irrigation And Domestic Use                     


3rd Place

Region: Rukwa                  

School:  Kipande Secondary School                 

Students: Simon Jimmy Kayumba and Alfred Godfrey Katonkola                   

Title: Is Christant Tree A New Hope  As Insecticide For  Vegetable Farmers? 








The Speedy Print Ltd Award

Region: Mtwara                 

School:  Mtwara Girls Secondary School                 

Students: Rahma Hamza Ally and Winfrida William Achiro                   

Title:  Design Of Wick Garden For Vegetable Growing In Mtwara                     


National Institute for Medical Research Award

Region: Rukwa                 

School: Kizwite Secondary School                  

Students:  Bazilio Yesaya  Kaonde and Mpoki Pius Peter                  

Title:  Medicine Used For Treatment Of Mashilingi     


Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences Award

Region:  Katavi                

School: Rungwa Secondary School                  

Students: Mathias  Kasuku and Kenyata T. Kenyata                   

Title:  To Investigate A New Method Of Increasing Milk Production From Cows     


University of Dar es Salaam Award

Region: Tabora                  

School:  Tabora Girls' Secondary School                 

Students:  Lilian Mugeta Magudira and Razer Omary Semunyu                  

Title:  How Safe Is Ice Cream In Tabora Town?    


First Car Rental Award

Region:   Mbeya               

School:  Loleza Secondary School                 

Students:  Fatma Shomari Mbwana and Upendo Helbert Mwalongo                  

Title:  A Study Of How How Looks Can Be  Deceiving?      


The Realising Education for Development Award

Region:  Simiyu                 

School: Bariadi Secondary School                  

Students: Mabula Guliga Gamaya and Edbily Ndenga Nickson                   

Title: Deisgn Of A Simple Pedal Handwashing Device        


The YST Teacher Award

Region:  Arusha                

School: Kisimiri Secondary School                  

Teacher:  Emmanuel Athumani Peter                  


The Regional Award

Region:  Lindi

School:  Mkonge Secondary School                 

Students:   Zainabu Juma Shamte and Nurath Mohamedi Makota                 

Title:   A Future Affordable Vegetable Garden For Use In Towns    



YST Hatim Karimjee Perpetual Trophy

Region:  Kagera                

School:  Rugambwa Secondary School                 

Students:  Ivonne Emmanuel Urio and Doris  Cliff Kilonzo                  

Title: Improving A Cars Safety - A Car Black Box      



Special Education Scholarships

School:   Katubuka Secondary School            

Students: Lameck Silas Obed and Denis Cosmas Mpahaje