Winners of Young Scientists Tanzania 2017 were


1st Place

Prosper Gasper and Erick Simon from St Judes Secondary School in Arusha emerged as the winners of YST 2017. Their project titled "The use of Mobile Networks as a Fire Alert System".

Students:        Prosper Gasper and Erick Simon 

School:            St Judes Secondary School

Project:           The use of Mobile Networks as a Fire Alert System*


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Runner Up

Students:        Mawata Matukuta and Annagrace Malamsha

School:            Kilakala Secondary School

Project:           Effectiveness Of The Maru Hotpot In Maintaining Heat In Food

Biological & Ecological


Students:        Bryson Quambaita and Geoffrey Nassar

School:            Mzumbe Secondary School

Project:           The Turning Point Towards The Flourishment Of the Agricultural Sector In Tanzania



Students:        Redempotius Respicius and Baris Rajab

School:            Ihungo Secondary School

Project:           Local Way Of Detecting Soil PH In order To Improve Agriculture Sector



Students:        Brenda Crispin and Beatrice Crispin

School:            Aquinas Secondary School

Project:           Production Of An Alternative Mosquito Repellent Using Local Organic Material




Chemical, Physical & Mathematical



Students:        Editha Timothy and Specioza Magesa

School:            Premier Girls Secondary School

Project:           Use Of Field Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer To Determine The Contents Of Toxic Metals In Soil From Densely Populated Mwambao Bagamoyo And Sinza-Dar Es Salaam Areas



Students:        Justine Justine and Dennis Albin

School:           Bariadi Secondary School

Project:           Utilising Plastic Waste



Students:        Lameck Masau and Nadia Kabwe

School:            Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School

Project:           Simple Hot Shower Invention for Large Groups



Social and Behavioural



Students:        Julius Luchiga and Stanley Paul

School:            Ilongero High School

Project:           The Household Hunger Score Project



Students:        Elizabeth Hange and Salma Mbano

School:            Loyola Secondary School

Project:           Pink Box Project



Students:        Masha Mbwana and Heavenlight Mshomi

School:            Mtwara Girls Secondary School

 Project:           Is Science Teacher Shortage a Problem in Mtwara?





Students:        Francis Shirima and Adolf Katambi

School:            Maua Seminary Secondary School

Project:          Educating Deaf Using Speech Recognition



Students:        Khatibu Mgunya and Yasin Bahati

School:            Same Secondary School

Project:           Automatic Wireless Charger



Students:        Frank Kapinga and Joel Kajiru

School:            Kibaha Secondary School

Project:           Sound Controlled Electric Switch




Special Awards


Songas Special Award


Region: Ruvuma


Students: Clemence Tafiti and Emilian Haule


School Kigonsera High


Project title: Making A Simple Electric Circuit as Security System




READ International Library Refurbishment Award


Region: Kigoma


Students: Lucas Kibila and Stide Shedrack


School Mwananchi


Project title: Is the Bryophyllum Plant a Natural Laboratory Reagent?




First Car Rental prize


Region: Arusha


Students: Swaumu Makongoro and Raynarious Zakaria


School Arusha Modern


Project title: The Dependency on Petroleum in Arusha




Human Development Innovation Fund Award


Region: Unguja


Students: Abdul Rahman Banisheyba and Hudhaifat Hamdan


School Suza


Project title: Edible Bug Juice




Institute of Physics award


Region: Singada


Students: Ester Madoro and Mariam Senge


School Kijota


Project title: Can Rosella Flowers From Our Environment Solve The Problem Of Importing Litmus Papers?




Tyndall Institute/IPIC special prize


Region: Tanga


Students: Maryam Mwanga and Asila Ibrahim


School: Mkwakwani


Project title: An Inexpensive Local Solar Water Distillation in School Laboratories




Statoil Award


Region: Tanga


Students: Zuhura Riziki and Focus Seth


School: Macechu


Project title: ICT For Solution Of Students Results Problem In Primary Schools In Tanga City




Teacher Award - a special award recognising commitment in supporting their region, school and students


Teacher: Hilda Mwaja from Nasa Secondary School, Simiyu




Karimjee Jivanjee Special Education Scholarship


Students: Stephano Chacha and Naima Mohamed

Vingunguti Secondary School