Winners of Young Scientists Tanzania 2016 were


1st Place

Nadhra Mresa and Diana Sosoka from Mtwara Girls Secondary School in Mtwara emerged as the winners of YST 2016. Their project titled "Poverty Is No Longer An Issue For Women In Mtwara Region”.

Students:        Nadhra Mresa and Diana Sosoka

School:            Mtwara Girls Secondary School

Project:           Poverty Is No Longer An Issue For Women In Mtwara Region *

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Runner Up

Students:        Benedict Msangi and William Kiluma

School:            Mzumbe Secondary School


Project:           Bamboo Irrigation System as a Solution to Irrigation Problems

Biological & Ecological


Students:        Ester Paschal and Agape Mwalimu

School:            Ndwika Secondary School

Project:           The Use of Sweet Basil Plant to Prevent Mosquitoes



Students:        Jakson Nyiga and Victor Magita

School:            Ilboru Secondary School

Project:           Management of Organic Food Waste By Producing Bio Fertilizer



Students:        Doreen Ikula and Rose Rwegasira

School:            Kilakala Secondary School


Project:           The Brotherhood of Cholera in Morogoro Municipal




Chemical, Physical & Mathematical



Students:        Blandina Edmund and Johari Abubakar

School:            Chamaguha High School

Project:           Emulsifier for Increasing Life Span of Milk



Students:        Claudia Laurent and Sheila Seif

School:            Dr Salmin Amour   Secondary School


Project:           Does Fruits Lose or Gain Vitamin C after Being Picked?



Students:        Mathias Kapenda and Jimmy Kibaja

School:            Chidya Secondary School

Project:           Why Earthquakes Occur Mostly In Other Continents than African Continent



Social and Behavioural



Students:        Anna Appolynary Ngairo and Getrude Deogratius Makoye

School:            Debrabant Secondary School

Project:           The Use of Local Resources in Teaching to Make Primary Schools Pupils Like and Apply Science



Students:        Shabani Mtoi and Munira Juma

School:            Morogoro Secondary School

Project:           Can Discipline Be Managed In Order To Improve Academic Performance In Secondary Schools



Students:        Annastazia Michael and Dotnatha Ntunga

School:            Ifakara Secondary School

 Project:           Assessing the Effects of Drug Abuse to Human Being and How to Reduce It





Students:        Rashida Remtula Kassu and Luteiya Ahmed Zubeir

School:            Kiembe Samaki  Secondary School

Project:          Ultrasonic Frequency against Flies



Students:        Joshua Mussa and Lucy Konyaki

School:            Binza Secondary School

Project:           Simple Egg Incubator For Third World Countries



Students:        Nancy Godfrey and Grace Temu

School:            Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School


Project:           A Low Cost Vegetable Cutting Machine





 Special Award Winners


SONGAS Passion for Science

Students:        Moses Minja and Baye Manga

School:            Loyola High School

Project:           Automatic Attendance Taker


Institute of Physics

Students:        Gwakisa Gwakabale and Happiness Katani

School:            Misunkumilo Secondary School

Project:           To Investigate the Relationship Between the Expansion of a Bimetallic Strip And The Bell Ring By Electric Current



Students:        Angelus Albinus and Adolph Tabaro

School:            St. Joseph Kolping Secondary School

Project:           The Use Of A Spin - Eletric Power Drone In Spying, Researching And Providing Optimal Security


1st Car Rental  

Students:        Julietha Johansen and Edina Alistides

School:            Bulyakashaju Secondary School

Project:           Is Malnutrition An Economic Or Ignorance Problem?


Read International Library Refurbishment Award 

Students:        Munira Abdallah and Imran Yusuf

School:            Macechu Secondary School

Project:           Local Solution to Bleeding During Injuries 


Human Development Innovation Award

Students:        James James and Michael Nandi

School:            Mbeya Secondary School

Project:           Electric Wheel Chair For The Disabled


Solaris Energy

Students:        Hielonimo John and Vinord Matendo

School:            Kibaha Secondary School

Project:           Conversion of Sound to Electrical Energy


National Council for Curriculum Development and Assessment

Students:        Eliah Uledi and Andrew Magoma

School:            Masanga Secondary School

Project:           The Survivorship Mechanism Of Street Children In Kigoma Municipality


Tyndall – IPIC award

Students:        Suleiman Sadik Khamis and Rahma Seleman Jumanne

School:            Mpendae Secondary School

Project:           The Harmonize Solar Oven




Karimjee Jivanee Foundation Scholarships

Students:        Salehe Noor and Lucy Konyaki

School:            Binza Secondary School


Project:           Simple Egg Incubator For Third World Countries