Students: Dhariha Amour Ali and Salma Khalfan Omar

School: Lumumba Secondary School

ProjectChanging Attitudes to control Flies in Tanzania*


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Runner Up

Students: Upendo Mwanuo and Josephine Chomya

School: St. Christina's Secondary School

 ProjectThe  Masai diet as a way of controlling diseases


Biological & Ecological


Students: Erick Sylvester and Agnes Mkemangwa

School: Uhuru Secondary School

ProjectInvestigation of Tooth Cavities in Shinyanga Region


Students: Sarah Steven Mkiliya and Nadia Ramadhani Kabwe

School: Notre Dame Secondary School

ProjectManufacture of Pesticides using Local Herbs


Students: Michael Laurent and Robin Damas

School: Ilboru Secondary School

ProjectOvercoming water shortage in Maasai land and other areas by recycling water 

Chemical, Physical & Mathematical


Students: Coreen Mwambe and Deborah Paul

SchoolMtwara Technical Secondary School

ProjectCould Dataloggers be the solution to our lack of Laboratories?


Students: Mariam Teggo and Fransika January

SchoolSumaye Secondary School

ProjectAnalysis Of Soil PH And Its Impact On Plant Growth


Students: Levi Laurent and Karl Marx

SchoolTanga Technical Secondary School

ProjectChemical Free Pesticide

Social and Behavioural


Students: Swaumu Makongoro and Zaria Jamaleo

SchoolRugambwa  Secondary School

Project: Is Inclusive Education Good For People With Disability?


Students: Husna Nambecha and Diana Ngwisa

SchoolIlulu Secondary School

ProjectDoes Teacher-Student Gender Difference Affect Learning ?


Students: Bahati Aron and Balbina Gulam

SchoolJangwani Secondary School

ProjectPolitical Instability In Tanzania



Students: Andrea John and Thobias Clement

SchoolIlongero Secondary School

ProjectA Safe Method Of Using Animal Dung For Fuel


Students: Denis Mutalemwa and William Mnozya

SchoolKibaha Boys Secondary School

ProjectSMS Based Control Of Electrical Appliances


Students: Isaac Thomas and Rahim Hussein

SchoolLoyola Secondary School

ProjectApplication Of Probe Technology In Research



Special Award Winners


Institute of Physics

Students: Joan Mohamed  and Caroline Adam

School: Aquinas Secondary School

ProjectTreatment of Salt Water for Crop Irrigation



Students: Michael Laurent and Robin Damas 

School: Ilboru Secondary School

Project: Overcoming Water Shortage in Maasai Land by Recycling Used Water


Read International 

Students: Mwahija Hassan and Muzna Juma

School: Umoja Secondary School 

Project: How the Discovery of Natural Gas Influences the Economic Development of Mtwara


Jane Goodall - Roots and Shoots

Students: Dorcas John and Salum Ally

School: Mbeya Secondary School

Project: Impact of Bee Farming in Mbeya City


ESB International

Students: Salim Saleh Khamis and Hafsa Hamad Khatibu

School: Chasasa Secondary School

Project: The Impact of Solar Energy in Pemba Island



Students: Anjali Ranjit Lodhari and Daljit Kaur Matharu

School: Shaban Robert Secondary School

Project: A Put Put Boat


TBC Award

Students: Agnes Kelvin 

School: Bagamoyo Secondary School

Project: Analysis of Nutrients in Common Manures


Radar Education

Students: Ntekaniwa Mramba and Hashim Nyasuro

School: St. Jude Secondary School

Project: SMS Polling Software


Climate Justice Schools Program

Students: Rehema Ngonja and Lisa Richard

School: Suye Secondary School

Project: Economic Use of Land in Urban Areas


Ifakara Health Institute

Students: Francis Roben and Joshua Sendeka

School: Buteko Secondary School

Project: The Effectiveness of the Local Plant 'Mnukanuka' as a Mosquito Repellent


Learnit Scholarships

Students: Denis Mutalemwa and William Mnozya

School: Kibaha Boys Secondary School

Project: Design and Implementation of SMS based control of Electrical Appliances


Karimjee Jivanee Foundation Scholarships

Students: Andrea James and Alfred Ngullo

School: Ngongo Secondary School

Project: Lemongrass - The Mosquito Repellent

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