Students: Jafari Ndagula and Fidel Samwel

School: Ilongero Secondary School

ProjectA Drip Irrigation system using recycled materials*


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Runner Up

Students: Shemsa Abdulkarim and Salha Jumbe Said

School: Haile Selaissie Secondary School

ProjectAnalysis of Kupagawa and its causes


Biological & Ecological


Students: Newton Nobert Mshanga and Francis Shirima

School: Maua Secondary School

ProjectThe use of rice husks as pesticides


Students: Asia Mohd Abdulla and Zuweina Hamed Mohd

School: Benbella Secondary School

Project: Using herbal medicine to cure chicken diseases


Students: Elizabeth Shitundu and Hamis Ally

School: Kiromo Secondary School

ProjectRapid increase of aquatic plants and the demand for oxygen


Chemical, Physical & Mathematical


Students: Isack Shayo and Adil Salum

School: Loyola Secondary School

ProjectApplication of computer technology in learning mathematics


Students: Irene Francis Maigwa and Betha Shao

School: Kilakala Secondary School

ProjectThe effect of mbilimbi(cucumber) on the blood system


Students: Lucas Leonard and Innocent Charles

School: Baptist Secondary School

ProjectUsing egg shells as a natural fertilizer

Social and Behavioural


Students: Anastasia Hamaro and Elisha Mmari

School: St Mary Goreth Secondary School

ProjectFactors contributing to the increase of diabetes among children in Moshi


Students: Jacqueline Kashindye and Hosea Lembuka

School: Airwing Secondary School

ProjectWhy are there few women in Science?


Students: Ziadi Yahya and Kelvin Rugazia

School: Mara Secondary School

ProjectImpacts of modern methods of family planning on women's health



Students: Saul Elavius and Alexander Alan

School: Humura Secondary School

ProjectDesign of a local chicken incubator


Students: Liston Cosmas and Riziki Freddy

School: St Judes Secondary School

ProjectThe development of a hybrid generator which runs on three different fuels


Students: Maregesi Nyamajeje and Peter Kailembo

School: Mwasele Secondary School

ProjectDeveloping an electrical conductivity meter



Special Award Winners


Institute of Physics

Students: Masihi Omary and David Ndomba

School: Mtandi Day

Project: Pulley & String Balance


Children in Crossfire

Students: Anastasia Hamaro and Elisha Mmari 

School: St Mary Goreth

Project: Factors contributing to the increase of diabetes among children in Moshi


ESB International

Students: Liston Cosmas and Riziki Freddy 

School: St Judes

Project: The development of a hybrid generator which runs on three different fuels



Students: Saul Elavius and Alexander Alan 

School: Humura

Project: Design of a local chicken incubator



Students: Felix Daudi Gervas and Daniel Chidundo 

School: Mahiwa

Project: What is causing low yields in beans and peas crops in Lindi?


NUI Maynooth

Students: Joseph Luhumba and Kaburu Idrisa 

School: Butimba Day

Project: Integrated Pest Management



Students: Marilyn Reporter and Mustafa Norman

School: Popatlal

Project: Analysis on climaic changes in Tanzania and the need for climatic justice


Concern - Niall Weldon

Students: Issaya Mwakapila and Ester Sanga 

School: Mbeya Day

Project: Attitudes to HIV and Nutrition


Radar Education

Students: Isack Shayo and Adil Salum 

School: Loyola

Project: Application of computer technology in learning mathematics



Students: Davis Lazaro Ndile and Jashua Daudi Sendeka 

School: Buteko

Project: Use of palm oil in stoves and tin lamps


Dr Jane Goodall - Roots & Shoots

Students: Aneth Nemes and Frida Shoo 

School: Kibosho Girls

Project: Side effects of the use of agrochemicals on the growth of vegetables



Students: Shemsa Abdulkarim and Salha Jumbe Said

School: Haile Selaissie

Project: Analysis of Kupagawa and its causes

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