Winners of YST 2012
Aisha Nduku, Monica Shinina, Nengai Moses Kibosho Girls, Kilimanjaro

Project: Industrial fertilisers and increased nitrites in water 

In keeping with Tanzania’s goals to encourage scientific education and with it broader economic development, the Hon. Prof. Makame Mbarawa (MP), Tanzania’s Minister for Communication, Science and Technology, on the 25th October 2012 announced the winners of the first Young Scientists Tanzania, a nationwide science and technology event that is providing a platform for young people from across Tanzania to showcase their scientific talents.

The inaugural winners of Young Scientists Tanzania are Aisha Nduku, Monica Shinina and Nengai Moses from Kibosho Girls Secondary School in Kilimanjaro. Their project was titled: Industrial fertilisers and increased nitrites in water.  


Sponsored principally by the Pearson Foundation and Irish Aid, Young Scientists Tanzania is modeled on the internationally acclaimed Young Scientist Exhibition in Ireland. Like this annual event, now in its 48th year, Young Scientists Tanzania 2012 aims to popularize science among young people through this competition in which both schools and students can take part.

Young Scientists Tanzania would like to acknowledge the support provided by Dr. Tony Scott through Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition Ltd Ireland.

 List of Award Winners of Young Scientist Tanzania 2012



1st Prize – Young Scientist Tanzania 2012 – KIBOSHO GIRLS, Kilimanjaro Project:

Industrial fertilisers and increased nitrites in water

Students: Aisha Nduku, Monica Shinina, Nengai Moses


Runner Up: Ilboru, Arusha

Project: Biogas- An investigation and comparison of natural fuels

Students: Edwin Luguku, Justin Mpwaga, Nyanda Mbassa





1st Prize – Makongo, Dar es Salaam

Project: Field mushroom production

Students: Zakia khalid, Carolina Charles, Elisha Grayson


Runner Up: Arusha Day

Project: Developing organic avocado products

Students: Monica Robert, Epaphras Julius, Sheila Ramadhan


3rd Prize: Nyailigamba, Kagera

Project: Use of utupa to treat ticks in cattle

Students: Erick Eleneus, Fathia Hamdan, Eradius Felcian




1st Prize – Kenton, Dar es Salaam

Project: Do we know what is in our water?

Students: Prince Elias, Lawrence Chacha, Khadija Mshindo


Runner Up: Loyola, Dar Es Salaam

Project: The use of the rubix cube to improve interest in maths

Students: Esther Kitindi, Bonel Chihoma, Brian Kibazohi


3rd Prize: Themi, Arusha

Project: Recycling of orange and lemon peels

Students: Joel Sanga, Brian Anaely, Wallace Ngoti




1ST Prize: Notre Dame, Arusha

Project: The use of colour and music in learning

Students: Kombe Oliver, June Joseph, Samira Yusuph


2nd prize: Sinoni, Arusha

Project: Which method of learning science is best? Theory or practical

Students: Amos Mgonellah, Sophia Abdallah, Happyness Sylvester


3rd Prize: Mikanjuni, Tanga

Project: Skin bleaching

Students: Mwinyiheri Kabanda, Zaina Ali, Ashura Beka






1st Prize – Barbro Johansen, Dar es Salaam

Project: Non electric Fridge

Students: Vision Bagonza, Theonestina Amos, Juliana Itanisa


2nd Prize: Fidel Castro, Pemba, Znz

Project: The potential of wind power in Pemba

Students: Rashid Abeid, Issa Mohammad, Fatma Juma


3rd Prize: Bwiru Girls, Mwanza

Project: Green Cone Food Waste Digestor

Students: Suzan Toyali, Sia Malle, Theresia Gilbert




Concern / Niall Weldon Special Award - Science for Development School: Pamba, Mwanza

Project: Why is Tanzania poor despite abundant natural resources?

Students: Nyanjige Mazereng’wa, Pashazia Faustine, Agnes Simon


SONGAS Passion for Science Award

School: Ihungo, Kagera

Project: Cereal Preservation using local methods

Students: Nehemia Magafu, Masikitiki Andrew, Hashima Nuhu


The Self Help Africa Award for Sustainable Rural Development School: Butimba, Mwanza

Project: The potential of locally produced plant pesticides

Students: Donatha Buberwa, Kaburu Idrissa, Celina Elias


The TASJA Award for Communicating Science

School: Fountain of Hope Seminary, Moshi

Project: The use of industrial fertilisers and their effect on soil

Students: Ebenezer Mphuru, Christopher Mushi, Winniel Munishi


The New Young Scientist Africa Award

School: Vingunguti, Dar es Salaam

Project: the social implications of locating a ward school in a residential area

Student: Andrew Bayaga, George Stephano, Gloria Ngowi


ESBI Special Award – Renewable Energy

School: Fidel Castro, Pemba

Project: The potential of wind power in Pemba

Students: Rashid Abeid, Issa Mohammad, Fatma Juma


Children in Cross Fire Special Award

School: Kisutu Girls, Dar es Salaam

Project: The analysis of malnutrition in Dar Es Salaam

Students: Pascalia Nyoni, Pasgalia Mkami, Shaimaar Awadh


The Institute of Physics Award for Best Physics Project

School: Rau, Kilimanjaro

Project: Applications of electric magnets in an electric bell

Students: Witness Shinma, Alexander Ngaheni, Irine Chiwa


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