Nadhra and Diana - YST 2016 Winners from Mtwara Girls Secondary School

“Young Scientists Tanzania has allowed us to shine, and we can’t wait to visit Ireland and represent Mtwara and Tanzania at the BTYSTE in Dublin in January 2017!”

Message from YST

The promotion of science and technology, and the creation of a scientific culture in schools, will prove transformational to the young people of Tanzania. Science is vital for the economic and social development of our country, and we need to empower our young people with the opportunities to employ their natural curiosity to solve the very real problems they face in their communities.


The amazing success of the YST exhibition shows that through partnership, great things can happen in Tanzania. We were immensely grateful for the incredible support of companies and organisations across the private, government and development sectors, yet this was just the first step. In order to make Young Scientists Tanzania truly sustainable, we need the support of like minded organizations across the scientific community, and we would urge you to work with us in nurturing and developing the Tanzanian scientists and technologists of the future. A number of partnership opportunities are outlined in this document, but we also welcome your input - the more partners we have, the stronger and more transformative Young Scientists Tanzania can become! 


We welcome your feedback, and look forward to your involvement in Young Scientists Tanzania.

Dr Gozibert Kamugisha