Minister for Education, Science and Technology

Hon. Prof. Joyce Ndalichako

On behalf of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, I wish to warmly congratulate the Young Scientists Tanzania (YST) team on the occasion of the sixth YST exhibition. The team’s commitment and dedications contributed to YST’s foresight in promoting science, technology and innovation in Tanzania.


As a Scientists and Minister responsible for science, technology and innovation, I believe that YST remain a driving force for the promotion and application in areas that are critical to humanity.


I would like to applaud YST for its efforts to recognize, support and promote Science, Technology and Innovation and to build scientific capacity. I trust that scientific achievement will not only contribute to development but will also assist in restoring pride and dignity among the students of Tanzania.


While appreciating the vision and sense of purpose of YST in marshalling and harnessing human and material resources for Science, Technology and Innovation driven in Tanzania, I hasten to add that partnership among scientists, policy makers, the industry and other stakeholders are more imperative than ever. All hands therefore must be on the deck to achieve the desired goals.


Science, Technology and Innovation have always been central to prosperity and poverty alleviation. Many countries still cannot access and utilize advances in scientific and technological knowledge and thus fail to capture the benefits that have become commonplace in the world, YST is trying to change this. Evidence suggests that developing countries, Tanzania included that succeed in exploiting their science, technology and innovation capacity realize concrete economic returns and tangible social benefits. Achieving these benefits require a constant commitment to human resource development and innovative private sector connected to the academic community, public support for science, technology and innovation and global exchange of knowledge.


On this memorable occasion, I wish YST many more years of successful contribution to the advancement of science, technology and innovation in Tanzania.

Hon. Prof. Joyce Ndalichako