Outreach Workshop - Kilimanjaro Region

Young Scientists Tanzania  held their third Outreach Workshop in Moshi   on 8th February 2012. Dr. Brendan Doggett and Joseph Clowry facilitated a teacher workshop at J. K.Nyerere Secondary School for teachers from  10 secondary schools in the Kilimanjaro region.

This was the third Workshops and teachers were very enthusiastic.

The science teachers  were so excited by the potencial of YST that they decided that they would meet up in the future to help each other get their projects off the ground.

" When we left Dar 2 weeks ago to start our workshops, Brendan and I,  were  confident that teachers would “by-into” YST. However, we never would have believed that the level of interest would be this high..it really is amazing and we hope to see great projects down in Dar on 24th /25th October 2012. "

Schools Attending Workshop

  • St. Amedeus 
  • Karanga 
  •  J.K. Nyerere 
  • Maua Seminary
  • MJI Mpya
  • Kibosho Girls 
  • Rau 
  • St. Amadeus 
  • St. James Seminary
  • Faraja Seminary
  • Anna Mkapa 
  • Faraja Seminary